Monday, July 30, 2012

Pale Moon, Qualifiers and a Request to All!

Hey guys,

Just thought I would write an update to what I've been up to in terms of Cardfight!! Vanguard, plans for the near future and a request to all of you!

I have just recently finished my Goku Kagero deck, which is the deck I will most likely play at regionals. My Spike Brothers deck is fun and all, but I feel much more confident playing Goku Kagero. Maybe it's because it was the first deck that I ever played, so I'm more comfortable with it. If anyone wants the decklist, here's a deck profile I made on YouTube. In terms of my next deck project, I'm working on a Pale Moon beatdown deck, revolving around Crimson Beast Tamer, Turquoise Beast Tamer and Midnight Invader. With Crimson Beast Tamer in soul, Turquoise Beast Tamer becomes a 9k booster, and with Midnight Invader, a new card that was released in Set 7 (in Japan) which gains +2k when it attacks the Vanguard (10k base, Grade 3), it becomes really easy to set up 21k columns. Topping off the deck is another new card from Set 7, Sword Magician Sara. Apart from gaining 3k when it's booster by a Pale Moon when she is the Vanguard, whenever I drive check a Grade 3, I can swap in a Grade 3 from my field for another card in the soul, which can set up another column with the help of Purple Trapezist. The main Vanguard though is yet another card from Set 7, Nightmare Doll Amy. She is simply a soulcharger that gains +2k on my turn. Not only does that allow for my soul to grow quickly, but her +2k allows her to swing for 21k with a powered up Turquoise Beast Tamer. Easy game right? Easy 21k columns along with that Pale Moon soul versatility is what makes the deck really fun to play and makes me want to finish it as soon as possible.

A bunch of friends and I have also started to plan our trip to Everett for the Continental Qualifiers, where we plan on competing. As I mentioned before I will be playing Goku Kagero and I have every intention of topping with it. A free trip to LA sounds like a sweet deal to me, even though I'm not sure if exams will restrict me from being able to attend the championship, if I top. I feel confident in my ability, although my weakness is the "tunnel vision" I get sometimes when I play. What I mean is that if I focus on something too much, I disregard everything else in the match, which can cause me to misplay - but through playing more games, I should be able to handle it. Even then, meeting other people and the experience will be worth the trip. I can't wait until September.

Lastly I have a simple question to ask all of you: what should I write about? Lately I haven't had much inspiration to write the longer articles that I used to, but it's not that I want to stop writing. Let me know what you want to see! What clans should I write about? What aspects of the game? Do you want more Japanese tournament coverage? Comment here what you want me to write about, or if you came from Pojo or Vanguard Rider, PM me through there.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Japanese Tournament coverage is always good and of course the dreadful late game.

  2. I'd like to see articles detailing some of the newer clans/cards that are coming out in the newer sets for both the OCG and TCG metagames. I'd like to see your opinion on clans such as Great Nature, new Dark Irregulars, and so on.

  3. Clan coverage is always cool, but I really would like to see coverage on Japan-Asia events and such. Keep up the good work HerO!

  4. I'd like to see some articles about newer clans like Great Nature and your opinion on them. Also,Japanese meta coverage is always good seeing as it could have an influence on the English meta. I would also like your opinion on some cards such as Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Lequier, School Hunter Leo-Pald, Great Daiyusha, Dragonic Lawkeeper and so on. Even "The Art of Attacking with HerO" would be a good. You should also cover something along the lines of a "Winning Image". It would/might help some newer players.

    - Random Person.

  5. I see a lot of people talking about Kagero and Spike Brother and Gold Paladin for the up coming English-meta regionals, I feel like people are really overlooking Narukami. I've been playing Narukami since BT06 came out and I've never really had any problem with Kagero or Paladins, since it offers great rearguard control between Vermillion's limit break and raien.